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A great new sky, a great New Earth is at hand. Listen to this interplanetary soulutions and update on Steve Beckow website on his today's (Dec 8, 2010) Myth or Logic Radio Show with David Wilcock is "wow finally". Open your eyes or actually your mind, as this is even an expansion on wiki-leak info.

On David’s Divine Cosmos website on China’s October Surprise articles, 3 parts:
- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Are we finally awakening. For ages shamans and prophets gave their messages and trainings to prepare humanity for the Awakening and Ascension. Now more and more is understood and we have to align our body, mind and soul in order to highten our awareness and vibrations.

Disclosure is at hand, even on the news the UFO sightings are broadcasted (not in Europe though). October 13 sightings were seen above Manhattan, El Paso, Moskou and China. You can look this up on the Niburu website.
Many cultures know we are from the stars the Hopi/Maya, Dogon, Persian, Egyptian etc, etc. Books as The return of the birdtribe, Nommo die wiederkehrende Sonnenmensch and so many more.

Apart from preparing ourselves physically by doing Chi Kung, Yoga, Aikido and other energetic balancing methods. We should also prepare ourselves mentally by reading books on Kundalini or chacra openings so you will understand the changes in your body.
We can make our body to vibrate on a higher level, see the movie on Cymatics.

We do not need to eat, we can live on light, see Living on Light or the Breatharians. We have to transform our thinking and prepare for transmutation.

Awakening as One
Check these messages watch the movies The Awakening Trilogy: The Call, The Plan and The Prophecy on the Awakening as One website.
According to the respected Mayan Prophecies the defining period " The Definition"- sept 23 till 21-12-12 - has just begun. This is the timeframe in which together we define our future!

Let each one of us hold a sparkling vision of a world we all wish to live in.
Let it be our intent to create that world together.

A world on a frequency of Joy and Light, a 5D or 5D+ world of Peace & Love.
There is no single reason this can't happen. Our old 3D world's limited, small hearted paradigm is being exposed and has come to its end.

Just imagine what will happen once our light and love vibration is activated in full swing!!...
Fear gets de-activated, the Abundance of this world shared with all instead of the very few.
Free energy released as well as all the other suppressed knowledge (that should have been with us for ages) to now heal our Earth and ourselves.

A wonderfull prospect.
Together we make this come true!

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The Netherlands were honoured by a visit of elders from the Kogi, Arhuaco as well as Hopi last August at the IIPS (Int. Indigenous Peace Summit) when they forwarded their message of creating Balance with Nature and our Earth Mother. Steps to Oneness and Wholeness.

In Colombia this Arhuaco message on Sacred Earth was given and how their and our habitat is endangered by the Monsanto company.

See and listen to this beautiful message of TREE's.

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Rainbow Light Warriors your time is now, wake-up, clean up, attune your chacra's, align your soul. Ascension is near, walk your talk. Make aware, prepare for ascension. Understand the Cirle of Life and the Circle of Law, the teachings of the (originally Maya) Medicine Wheel. These Council Circles will be the governing way of the Future, when we step into the new cycle in 2013.

Are we finally ready for Free Energy or Zero Point Energy? Take your time, see this video and jump into your future. If we want a better and cleaner world choose for Free Energy, become aware that this is possible. Give scientists and inventors the chance and opportunity to bring their inventions on the market. Stop the sabotage, become aware. Are we able to invest with our heart instead with our greed? There is enough money in the world to make this change, yet it takes a spiritual change. Will we able to cross the transformation abyss of 2012? Start your change, start with the man in the mirror, become aware see this video on Tesla, Einstein, Victor Schauberger, Paul Pantone and other scientists about Free energy or Zero point energy.

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From the website Sirian Revelations we read this news brought by Guy Adams from Reuter

Ocean Therapy a great solution to clean up the BP oil spill apart from using EM technology.
Moviestar Kevin Costner (a.o. Dances with wolves) and his brother and a team of scientists have been developing Ocean Therapy since the mid-1990s when they founded the Costner Industries Nevada Corporation, a company which funded eco-friendly research.

"Each of the 26 Heath Robinson-style machines now in Louisiana waiting to be deployed can clean between 5 and 200 gallons of water a minute, depending on its size, said Costner’s lawyer and business partner, John Houghtaling, which means they could in theory mop up oil at the rate it is currently gushing into the Gulf. Polluted sea water which passes through them comes out 97 per cent clean."

Costner isn’t the only Hollywood star taking an interest in the disaster. The Avatar director James Cameron has offered to make his collection of submarines available to clean-up teams, while Robert Redford is starring in a TV ad sponsored by the Natural Resources Defence Council, which uses the spill to call for the US government to promote clean energy.
Read the whole article at The Sirian Revelations Net

Another beautiful (old) health solution now available on dvd. Why is this held back for the people?!
You can find the answers and more information on the website and in the trailer of the movie www.thebeautifultruthmovie.com and more on Dr. Max Gerson.

More shamanic knowledge are discovered, tested and revealed by scientists, are scientists finally reaching wholistic science (the 9 in the Medicine Wheel). In the Niburu website you can see their discoveries in the video from voice-entertainment-net "Water- The Great Mystery". Enjoy the journey into the initiation of WATER, one of the elements we are constituted of. "Water - The Great Mystery"

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Raven says:
The movie AVATAR is a must to see if you love nature and shamanism but also the awful truth about the greedy humans. The indiginous people of the America's would call this the MIND kills if it is disconnected from True Feelings. When our thinking (our North in our Medicinewheel) has no connection with our Feelings (our South) then the mind is killing.

Anke says:
The movie “Avatar” gently introduces a wonderfully holistic culture, a world on another planet that incorporates the subtle realms to a fullness of living, an abundance and richness that far surpasses any 3D (in the materialistic sense ;-) understanding of “richess” that is so common in our earth-based western culture these days. To me the most meaningful sentence in the movie is
“There is absolutely nothing, NOTHING they would want from us!” uttered in despair by the main male character forced to spy on the high-vibrational culture in order to get them to leave their central Tree so the invaders ( US/nazi-style troops of Earthlings) can plunder the resources underneath it.
They can’t be bribed with anything we have!!

In 1990 the Mama's (the Avatars) of the Kogi people came to warn us "Younger Brothers" to take care of our Earth Mother in Message to Younger Brother, underneath the Dutch text is the movie!

An uplifting update from Matthew from 14 Feb 2010 sharing truthful information about recent events as well as the wisdom to deal with it.

2010 has started with the great confidence that this year will bring a change for the better! The old powerstructure that's losing their grip on our world is having a hard time dying...and activating their vicious destructive earthquake weapon on HAITI in a desperate attempt to stay on top...
They even use the term that Mother Earth is angry at them because of the voudon. Are they that ignorant or plain manipulators?! Voudon is the nature religion of the people taken as slaves from Africa. It is their form of respecting nature, their way of shamanism.

Stop the WeatherWAR! Stop HAARP. Instead let us work with "the man in the mirror" and become the real HU(light)-Mane Beings (mainly LightBeings).
In order to bring out the light we need to face our reality, the darkness and shadow and be able to make a discerning and responsible decision that is beneficial to the Planet and All Life.
For instance exercise Ho'oponopono and or Zero Limits or Kriya Yoga or the Living on Light or many other systems which will bring us in harmony with our self.

It is hard to believe this parallel world of the greedy exists. A former naval intelligence agent Billy Cooper is a whistleblower and wrote his book "Beyond a pale horse" in 1991. Excerpts of this book you can find on this website.
Read our newsletter of January with important positive information and links to websites. January Newsletter

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From PBS News Special: Bob Marley's "ONE LOVE" performed by Keb' Mo' and performers from India, Israel, Nepal, South Africa and Zimbabwe are PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC. Playing for Change is a multimedia effort to unite musicians and vocalists from diverse parts of the globe while seeking to immerse audiences in a movement to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music. Using mobile audio/video units, technicians traveled the world, recording local musicians outdoors in towns and cities worldwide. In addition, musicians from all over the world are now brought together to perform benefit concerts that build music and art schools in communities in need. You can help PBS continue to offer everyone from every walk of life the opportunity to experience amazing performances and explore new ideas through television and online content. To donate visit http://www.pbs.org/support

With this One Love video Whole Earth TV wishes you all a joyous Christmas and a transformative and enlightening 2010, prepare for ascension open your heart vibrate One Love.

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Quantum Communication
The power of the human consciousness.
Whole Earth TV is delighted about this exquisite documentary sharing deep (shamanic AND scientific) insights into the nature of reality, consciousness and the bio-energetic field in a way experts such as Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Bruce Lipton, physicist Claude Swanson, and a whole host of other scientists came to understand it. Hereby they are bridging ancient people's Knowing and knowledge a.o. about nature, dimensional travels and vibrations with modern science. This documentary is deeply Empowering in that it uncovers what had been covered up "in leading scientific universities regarding the POWER of the human consciousness and its effect on the very nature of reality itself". It opens the avenue to the conscious recovery of our intimacy with Life - Touching Life - the Life sparkling/sustaining activation of our Hearts'power for Wholing of Humanity & Life in our and other Galaxies...

See Small Secrets Part 1 to 15 (15 min. each)

Quantum Communication

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Warning! This movie may blow your mind and create a refreshing experience! An updated version of the Zeitgeist.

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Entering the 5th Dimension

We can prepare ourselves to be able to enter the 5th Dimension by raising the frequency of our energy field.
How? By clearing our emotional and mental thinking, our physical body (you become what you eat) and bringing our right and left brain in balance. (no drugs and the like).
Popular ways to do so (apart from doing yoga, tai chi, chi kung or other disciplines) are:
~ follow the 10 steps given in the books The Celestine Prophesy and The 10th Insight.
~ The practice book of The Power of Now from Eckart Tolle.
In this book you learn to discriminate between emotions, sentiment and True Feelings and forgiveness.
~ The practice of Mindfullness is another simple way to observe the way you think and act.
~ Or to listen to music with a higher vibration like the Deborah's singing bowls 1985 Tibetan singing bowls.
(level of vibration depends however on who plays the bowls)

Once our undeveloped right brain comes into balance with the left (ordinary 3D thinking) we will come into balance and be the whole human being connected with our personal soul and spirit.
Then we will be able to be the Hu-man (light-being) having a human experience which is our true mission on Earth.

Latest news from the Disclosure Project website: Steven Greer sends (Oct.2009) Disclosure Briefing to President Obama and US Congress.
More interesting subjects on the Niburu website especially about the different views of the Vision of the Maya people on 2012.

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Health Freedom

Underneath is an update of Jane Burgermeister interviewed this September by Project Camelot. Jane Burgermeister alerted the World to the dangers of a mass-vaccination and filed charges against the WHO and the UN for preparing for mass-murder. She explains how and why these plans are taken place.
Wake up World! If you love your Life, health & freedom face your reality. We do not need to enter the Age of Stupid and be enslaved by a Happy Few, take up your responsibility. Wake up.

And observe the "Green Greeds", those bankers and business people who now are entering the Green Business out of greed instead of really helping the planet.

The 3P's should be Purpose for Planet & People.
Find your Soulpurpose and you will know what to do for your Planet.
Live your SOUL~Purpose!

We can make a different future by vibrating at a higher level, we can say Soul level. See this interesting interview with David Wilcock at his Divine Cosmos website.

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For eons Earthpeoples from Turtle Island (the original people of South and North America), the aboriginies from Australia, the Dogon people and Egyptians in Africa and inhabitants of the Himalaya and the Gobi desert unto Siberia, China, Japan had contact and teachings from the Starfamily. Shamans from these societies have been their mediator.

Now Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Projects at the Barcelona Exopolitics Conference this Summer 26.07.09 again makes the urgent case for the need of Disclosure of contacts made with our Intergalactic Family, Interstellar Civilizations, the free energy technologies etc.
He shares his understanding that Universal Peace is coming: "The time for a new Civilization has come. No military power, No financial interest, No power on Earth will deter the coming of this Civilization!"
And he makes very clear that our Starfamily are our caretakers and guardians and have our best interests at heart.

Updates on the fluscam on Len Horowitz website FLUscam TV
Criminal charges filed in Austria about the bird flu by Jane Burgermeister.Wordpress on the flu.
The Dutch want to know website on the flu and other health issues.

To know reality is to know your world become respons-able and take action, take measures.
Sage nicht, ich habe es nicht gewusst. (Don't say, I did not know what was going on.)

Have colloidal silver or MMS in stock or write us for more info to get these in Europe. Boost your immunesystem!

Listen to Jeremiah Wrights' complete interview on www.fourwinds10.com about the Black Church under attack and mentioning the information about genocide publicised by Len Horowitz in his book. Then you will understand why he was misquoted(?!) by the press or cut short?!
The truth is coming out.

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Ode to the Rainbow~dancer Michael Jackson.

You danced the dream of your soul, rekindling our magic child.
Re~membering the rhythm & music & magic of the African Soul, her vision for the world
crossing physical, emotional, mental & spiritual borders & limitations
through unconditional love & endurance.
Rainbow warrior, Rainbow dancer on Mother Earth your task is done.
As Souldancer you will dance the Law of Heaven
we will be ready to receive.
Raven Dreamdancer (keeper of the Natural Laws)

Interview with Jesse Jackson about his youth, family, dreams ...and with his icon James Brown.

Michael and the Jacksons on Shamballah, Rainbow Bridge and the Ascension in the videoclip Can you feel it.

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HOME the movie about our Earth..

See this beautiful 90 minutes movie about our Earth called HOME made by Yann Arthus Bertrand on http://www.youtube.com/homeproject or Dutch titled televised on RTL last week.


Initiation through the 7 stargates for the Aquarian Age by Laurie Baum.

She writes about the Astrological 7 Secrets for the New Millennium written in 1997 which you see happening all around.
"Astrological secrets for the New Millennium is arranged as a series of sevengateways, ever-spiraling to deeper recesses of the heart and mind. The 1st gateway takes you through the process of breakdown to help you breakdown worn-out attachments of the heart. The 2nd process confrontation helps you to work with the outmoded pathways of the mind. The 3rd gateway takes you through the process of experimentation, to help you to follow the true desires of the heart and mind. The 4th gateway, dissolution, takes you through the process of releasing all remnants of the ossified past so that you can surrender to the "universal intelligence" and enjoy "going with the flow". The 5th gateway, rebuild your reality, teaches you that your thoughts, visualisations, and prayers are powerful tools to magnatize what you need. You can create your new reality. (Neptune in Aquarius 1998-2012) Then you will begin the process of integration, where you will learn to express the truth of who you are and to bring more of your souls' energy into your daily life. Finally, you will enter the 7th and concluding gateway when you reach Harmony. This wille bring you inner peace and harmony with the world around you. You will more clearly understand who you are and how you fit in to all that is. You will join together with a group of like-minded others to manifest the true power of your vision and your soul's essence. You will experience the connectedness between all people and things."

Harmony/ Uranus in Pisces 2003-2011 and Neptune in Pisces 2012-2026


~~ This years' Summersolstice is as powerful and important as the convergence in 1987. ~~
Many drumcircles are celebrating this event, you too? Start your own circle and connect.


The world according to Benjamin Fulford which will challenge your vision of the world, some of it must be true though?!
http://benjaminfulford.com/indexEnglish.html and http://www.guba.com/


The most important energy outflow to and from Shamballah is every year on the full moon in May,
all avatars join together and give their energy for the forthcoming year.

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WHO is the swine?

Congressman Ron Paul on the recent swine flu scare.

In order to gain a broad and truthfull understanding of what is going on with flu & pandemic scares, watch this first of 16 short pieces of a documentary called "In Lies We Trust". Dr Len Horowitz is a dedicated researcher, trustworthy and working towards a Better World. See his Living Water H2O congress on vibrations of Love and his interview with dr. Medicine Wolf at www.sacredhealth.net Visit his website to see why we consider him a hero of truth : Dr. Len Horowitz

Educate your self more on this swineflu, Mexicanflu, WHO's flu?

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