Esoteric Maya Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Circle of Life or the Sacred ZERO

  The Sacred Wheel is the framework of all Life and the Universes,

  to know the Wheel is to know yourself.
~Raven Dreamdancer

The Medicine Wheel has many names, the Circle of Law, the Circle of Democracy (the constitution of America was originally based on the Maya Medicine Wheel), the Circle of Life, the Wheel of Mathematics, the Wheel of Balance....(In Dutch Levenswiel)
You can find these Teachings of the Zero Chiefs and the story of the Maya's and their migration through Turtle Island in the third book "Lightningbolt" by Hyemeyohsts Storm. This exodus spread the Zero-teachings of the Maya all over the America's where they can be found in the traditions of the Native American peoples. Storm was given the mission by the last Zero Chief and Holy Woman Grandmother Estcheemah to reassemble all these teachings, it took him years to locate all the information hidden in belts, songs, shields etc.

His first book "Seven Arrows" published in 1972 constitutes a remarkable turning point of restoring worldwide respect for the deep esoteric knowledge of the Native American peoples and returning dignity to Native roots.The book has known more reprints than the telephone book and has been translated into many languages the world over.
Hyemeyohsts Storm website

In 1995 the Storm’s taught in twelve cities in the U.S. and then travelled abroad and taught in England, Germany and culminated their teaching in Israel – where they addressed the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv. During their tour they were honored with the title: Ambassadors of the Earth.

See this beautiful winning website (at the time) about this Maya Teaching Event in the Netherlands in 1998 organised by Venus*TV and the Students of Shamanism of the Rainbow Circle.


Heyemoyohsts StormHeyemoyohsts Storm & Swan

~ There are many Quiets
but the one that awakens Remembrance
is by far the greatest ~

Hyemeyohsts Storm

Excerpt of this Maya Teaching Event by Hyemeyohsts Storm & Swan from 1998:

We are blessed to live on our beautiful Earth. Yet, in our time, the fragility of our continued existence on Earth is awakening humanity to our urgent need to learn of and respect the Natural Laws and Balance of our Living Planet. In the ancient Americas, sophisticated teachers and healers called Zero Chiefs have existed who first discovered the Earth Science and Spiritual Philosophy called the Way of the Medicine Wheels. This ancient Knowledge reveals in brilliant depth and detail the profound relationship between humans and our Living Planet.

The Teachings of the Zero Chiefs speak to all races, religions and cultures because they reveal, in sophisticated detail, HOW we humans relate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with our Living Earth. Seven Arrows has been widely recognized as an irreplaceable resource for many Universities and Clinics and an invaluable guide to psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, healers, professors, ministers, lawyers, artists and thinkers around the world.

At the foundation of the Medicine Wheel teachings is the recognition of the most quintessential balance in all of Creation – that which exists between female and male – and how that balance can and must be restored to bring healing to our troubled world.

The Students of Shamanism of the Rainbow Circle

(Werkgroep De Cirkel) was founded in September 1983 in Amsterdam by Debora Chömpff a.k.a Raven Dreamdancer.
This informal and organic group organised shamanic retreats, workshops, education trainings, lectures and courses by inviting shamans from different cultural background. They also took care of having many books on shamanism translated.
Since 1988 in and from the Rainbow Atelier/Studio in Amsterdam.

Workshops/courses by Raven Dreamdancer in Shamanism:
* Transformation days or weekends:
  Consisting of the Medicine Wheel teachings, the Inner-family Circle, Trance-dance & healing methods ended by a Sweatlodge.
Other trainings & healings:
* Exploring nature within through the Sacred Medicine Wheel.
* Balancing the Inner Family.
* Medicine Wheel Meditations
* Inner Quest in Nature
* Soul-alignment

Diverse sound & vibration healings, concerts, workshops, performances and trainings.

Raven Dreamdancer
South shield: Inner child '89
to the wisdom of the child within us all,
to the exquisite poetry of silence,
to our natural luminous awareness,
and to joy and freedom.
   Merilyn Tunneshende
The Sound shaman messenger of heaven and earth
Traveller of realities of tonal & nagual
Underworld, midworld & upperworld
catalyst, healer, soul aligner/attuner

This image of the different energies I saw in a training session
with Joska Soos when I remembered my occurances
during my vision quest in 1983.
   Raven Dreamdancer
South shield: Soundshaman/Klanksjamaan '89

soul aligned
The path of Soul

Raven Dreamdancer


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