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Whole Earth teleVision is about everything that celebrates Earth’s Beauty.
We share everything that helps us get back in Balance, in Alignment with ourselves and our Planet.
Be it teachings, information, practical solutions in projects small and mega, businesses.
Our growing awareness as a species helps us create a completely new world.
We see a huge movement happening of people waking up to deeper truths, honouring the Whole of life in their creations and as such opening a doorway to abundance for all ....

Ever more people on our beautiful Blue Planet, Spaceship Earth, have come full circle to the insights that
 *  Life is sacred
 *  Our Earth is a Living Being
 *  All of Life is intricately connected, in spirit and form
By denying this evident truth we have put Life on this planet at risk.
It is by honouring these truths that we will have a chance to save Life on this planet and ourselves.

Earth herself gives us back the results in such an undeniable way that we simply have to breakthrough to a new awareness. We have to release the pattern of what we - in all our ignorance- thought of as The Great Experiment.

For centuries many of us could not listen to the warnings of Earth-loving People(s), who through their daily life knew of the sacredness of Nature, of Life. We couldn’t read the subtle everyday signs and if we did; the ones who did were ridiculed, their insights put away, labeled child-like and worse.

The Great Experiment of stepping out of our natural alignment was fueled in part by our need for Adventure, for Freedom to & freedom from oppressing power-invested religions, but also by the unwholesome need for Greed & Power. This great experiment of disconnecting ourselves from our Spirit, from our alignment with the Spirit of the Earth and the Great Spirit has brought us close to not only our extinction as Homo Sapiens (sic!), but also to the extinction of All Life on this Planet.

We, as People however are intensely grateful for finding back our way home, for returning home to the wholesome insights that Life is intimately connected, we ARE all connected. The cold, disconnected limited scientific vision & consciousness that has reigned superior over the last centuries, and that has made way for a disproportional amount of Betabrainwaves- our prison, extortion, unlimited greed & destruction, denying life and a growing ignorance. Discovering & Creating are wonderful activities when embedded in a consciousness that belongs, that recognizes its place in the Circle of Life.

Text: Drs. Anke van Ziel January 2007
Cultural Anthropologist wrote her thesis in 1987 on:
Coming home in the Universe
From separateness to a participating consciousness
Thuiskomen in het Universum
Vanuit de Gescheidenheid naar een Participerend Bewustzijn

Re~member who you are!

~ You are a freesoul! ~


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