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The Secret of Life is balancing the chacra's
in alignment to our Soul and purpose on earth.
~Raven & Anke

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Living for Balance

Energy, health and the sun are related to each other.
A healthy body creates a healthy mind which brings more awareness and self-esteem. The result of this you come more into balance as you relax and with that also your family and relations. And this will have an effect on your work, society and finances.
So bring balance to yourself and you will create balance to the world around you!
You will have more energy and be in good spirit.

Get food and products in balance with the 5 elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Ether preferably eco-/biological. And learn more about the natural laws of your body in relation to our Earth.

Inspiration by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Russian biophysicist, inventor, and pioneer of the innovative scientific field called electrophotonics. He invented the Gas Discharge Visualization, or GDV, technique by which the energy fields emanating from humans may be viewed in real time.

Healthy Living

Picture our Living Earth full of living beings: plants, humans and animals. Our bodies are composed of natural energetic elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire/Light. We are also sustained by the specific Life energy of these elements.

Our definition
Healthy living = Honouring the elements and their essential & specific energetic input on our body

Our today's lifestyles usually don't allow for SUFFICIENT input with serious implications for our health and well-being. A subtle approach originally from Japan brings Nature and her elements back into our life & our home, enabling our bodies to destress & relax, optimise our daily regeneration and helps us stay healthy, have more or a better balance in energy, and experience more joy!

We definitely advise everyone to become acquainted with this simple approach as an important complement to the things you already may do to stay healthy, like Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Fitness, Healthy food, Dance, Massage, Meditation, prayer....

Earth: Magnetism (vitamin M)
The Earth feeds us with her food, but before that can happen she feeds all of Life with the Earth's magnetic field. To stress the importance of this seemingly invisible force for your health and well-being we also call it ' Vitamin M'.
Most people have a shortage of this vital energy these days, due to lesser exposure to healthy magnetic fields (Nature) and overexposure to damaging electro-magnetic fields & frequencies, resulting in a less than optimum immunesystem.
The Japanese combined ancient knowledge with advanced technologies to help solve this problem in the easiest way possible! Top golfers love the effect this has, since they experience more mind/body balance. That's the reason many topsporters use these simple products that you can sit, sleep and walk on. The first and until now the best products were made by the Japanese Health & Magnetic Research Institute.

  • ~ Magneet therapie: Alphons van der Burg
  • ~ Magnet Therapy: Ron Lawrence, M.D.,PH.D.
  • ~ Paramagnetism: Philip S. Callahan
  • ~ Vitamin M: Roy Martina
  • Greenleaves of Barley
    The power of greenzymes for a healthy life from Dr. Hagiwara, the green powder from young barley leaves irrigated by Pi-mag water.

  • ~ Dr. Hagiwara, G. Osawa, Shibamoto, "A flavonoid with strong antioxidative activity isolated from young green barley leaves."
  • ~ Greenleaves of Barley ~ Dr. Mary Ruth Swope
  • ~ Supreme Green Medicine ~ Harald Tietze
  • ~ Barbara Simonsohn ~ Het Groene Wonder (oorspr. Gerstengrasssaft)
  • Living water - Pi Water
    More and more people are aware of the importance of healthy water, living water on our health. Living water feeds our bodies with minerals, oxygen, is micro-clustered to really feed and take garbage out of our bodies.
    The structure of living water, seen when crystalized, is so beautiful, and of our tapwater usually so ugly that this alone would inspire us to drink only living water and prevent more pollution of our waters with non-degenerating chemicals, medicines, artificial sugars, industry etc.
    More about this subject read ~ Pi-Water: The Water of Life by Shinji Makino, Ph.D.

    Fresh Air
    In Nature fresh air contains negative ions, that relax you and give strength. While all our appliances create positive ions that deplete our energy fields, negative ions are invigorating and refreshing!
    ~ Jean-Yves CÔte ~ The Ion Miracle

    FIR - sun Healthy sleep with this most advance natural magnetics and far-infra-red sleepsystem. Far Infra Red helps your body balance it's heat and get rid of toxins!

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    How we make our vision a reality

    In 2000 we found our structure for a new holistic economy as an independant representative for this Japanese Health Research Institute. The vision & the mission statement of the founder Mr. Masuda, their business philosophy (5 Pillars of Health), their advanced technologies and their awareness trainings (a.o. Humans Being More, Lead the Field) in business as well as in health, wellness, and prevention caught our passion. Within a few years we became leading representatives in the Netherlands and Europe with our New Business DreamTeam by organising our own business presentations WOW (Wheel of Wholeness), O4L (an Opportunity for Life) and trainings as Start-up, Passion & Vision, The Wave~5 and QuickSilver. We traveled internationally to conventions, trainings and conferences as Diamond representatives & President Club member for Nikken and also as participant speakers/trainers. An opportunity for a new economy. 
    As the vision of the company of Nikken changed in 2006  we also moved on to our next project  "Brokers for a Balanced World" (to bring free energy scientists and inventors in contact with investors), "Whole Earth TV" (with news and so(u)lutions about our Earth in regard to holism and Earth balance, sustainability), "WonderWell" (a great Zero Point Field Energy healing device) and a device to heal and reconnect your blueprint and DNA structure with the T8.

    Meeting the founder of Nikken Mr. Masuda in Japan in 2005 representing the Netherlands as Dutch Diamonds.

    DNA Restoration

    Reconnect to your inner infinite source with the T8 device. An infinite source of Rejuvenation, resoration, DNA activitation, balance, inner peace, heart intelligence, vitality, wholeness, ascension and more. Software for the soul healing through sound, colour, vibrations and fractals.
    See our renewed website of Inner Infinite Source and about the T8 device on Inner8Source

    Inner Infinite Source
    For more information contact Anke van Ziel:

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    Books & magazines on Health (Inspiration, Soulutions and Awareness)

    • Shinji Makino, Ph.D. ~ Pi-Water: the Water of Life
    • Alphons van der Burg ~ Magneet therapie
    • Dr. Mercola ~ Sweet deception to his website
    • Patrick Dufy ~ Sugar Blues
    • Barbara Simonsohn ~Het Groene Wonder (oorspr. Gerstengrasssaft)
    • Jean-Yves CÔte ~ The Ion Miracle
    • Paul Zane Pilzer ~ The Wellness Revolution
    • Stoorvelden in onze woning (Oorspr. Vivir en casa sana) ~ Mariano Bueno
    • Nulpunt Revolutie ~ Benjamin Adamah
    • Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming ~ The root of Chinese Chi-Kung
    • Ilza Veith ~ the yellow emperor's classic of internal medicine
    • Handboek voor volledige zelfgenezing ~ Dr. Stephen T. Chang
    • Tau meditatie en innerlijke alchemie ~ G. Jonker
    • De sleutel tot Zelf-Bevrijding (zeer aanbevolen!!) ~ Christiane Beerlandt
    • Ayurveda ~ de weg naar gezondheid en zelfgenezing ~ W.P.J. Vietor
    • Michio Kushi ~ Macrobiotics (a book about the yin and yang balance)
    • De helende kracht van chakra's ~ Cyndi Dale
    • Health in the 5th Dimension (1970) by Vera S. Alder

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