Dvd & movies, books & games to inspire awareness and soulutions

    DVD's & Movies:

  • TIME of the SIXTH SUN ~ A Journey of Awakening ~
    When the Eagle flies with the Condor

  • Whitefeather ~ A vision of hope Link 1: (zonder commentaar) of Link 2: (met commentaar)
  • HOME the movie about our Earth. made by Yann Arthus Bertrand on or Dutch titled televised on RTL.
  • An Inconvenient truth ~ the situation of our Earth and solutions seen through the eyes of Nobelprice winner 2007 Al Gore.
  • EARTH ~ another point of view of the situation of our Planet Earth.
  • The Birth of the Sustainable Economy by William McDonough & Michael Braungart with
    The Next Industrial Revolution tells the story of the movement led by architect Bill McDonouch and chemist Michael Braungart to bring together ecology and human design.
    Shot in Europe and the United States, the film explores how businesses are transforming themselves to work with nature and enhance profitability. Read their book: Cradle to cradle.
  • Nobelprice winner 2006 Prof. Yunus and the Grameen Bank (Microcredits) (own footage)
  • What the bleep!? and Down the Rabbit Hole ~ the next evolution (Quantum physics)
  • The world of Buckminster Fuller by Robert Snyder (Mystic fire 1971)
  • Dreamkeeper ~ The circular wisdom way of the storytelling tradition of the Native Americans contrary to our linear way.
  • Into the West (mini-serie)/Steven Spielberg. ~ How America was build up with the help, knowledge and labour of Chinese, Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians and all the other cultures/religions who searched for a better life.
    Seen through the familyties of the Wheelers and the Native American blueprint of life, the "Sacred Medicine Wheel" or the Sacred Zero
  • What dreams may come ~ Interpretation of the in between zone after death before entering heaven(?!) (bardo?!), and about choice and freewill
  • Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (DVD) ~ About the spiritual quest, awakenings of the soul, the all-oneness, returning home to the soul and the Bodhisatva vow of a seagull.(1972)
  • Never ending story ~ Michael Ende. The book is about life its initiations, finding your own power & vision and the becoming of a co-creator (Quantum fields, Zeropointfield actually)
  • Spirited Away ~ Miyazaki's (the story of takers & givers and givers & receivers)
  • Healing Power of Sound & Nature ~ Raven Dreamdancer (a shamanic journey through the elements & nature)
  • Matrix, Emerald Forest, Whale Rider, Dark Crystal, Legend...
  • The best detective serie about our current world: Judge John Deed (corruption & intrigue in government through greed)
    Tibetan movies
  • Tibetan book of Death ~ How to pass over and bridge the bardo (Innergy)
  • The Cup, Himalaya, The salt men of Tibet, The knowledge of Healing,...
    Indian Movies:
  • Kal ho na hoo ~ Indian movie about life in all aspects, from love, compassion to death.
    An insight to modern Indian lifestyle abroad.
  • and: Devdas, Mohabbatein, gaya, Gandhi my father, Lagaan, Agni...
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    Books on Inspiration, Soulutions and Awareness

      New Science/Ecology

    • Michael Braungart & William McDonough ~ Cradle to cradle
    • Paul Hawken ~ The ecology of Commerce; a declaration fo sustainability (1993)
    • Brian Milani ~ Designing the Green Economy (2000)
    • Edward O. Wilson ~ The future of life
    • J.F. Richard ~ High noon
    • Paul Hawken & Lovins ~ Natural Capatalism
    • Michael Talbot ~ The holographic universe (1992)
    • Richard Milton ~ Forbidden science - Suppressed research that could change our lives
    • Moray B. King ~ Tapping the Zero-Point Energy
    • Victor Schauberger/Callum Coats (eds) ~ The Energy Evolution
    • Dan A. Davidson ~ Energy: Breakthroughs to new free energy devices
    • Universal Laws never before revealed: Keely's secrets by Dale Pond, Nikola Tesla, John Keely, Edgar Cayce a.o.
    • Physics of Love - The Ultimate Universal Laws ~ idem
    • Fritjof Capra ~ The Tao of Physics (1975)
    • Gary Zukav ~ The Dance of the Wu Li Masters (Quantum Physics) (1979)
    • Itzhak Bentov ~ Stalking the wild pendulum (on the mechanics of consciousness) (1977)

      Holistic economy

    • Recommended ;;
    • R. Buckminster Fuller ~ Critical Path
    • Bernard Lietaer ~ The Future of money, a new way to create wealth, work and a wiser world Transaction Network
    • Charles Leadbeater ~ Cultural creatives
    • Ralph Metzner ~ Maps of consciousness (Wegen naar bewustzijn)
    • William Bloom ~ The Penguin book of new age and holistic writing (compilation)
    • Prof. Yunus ~ Banker to the Poor
    • Robert T. Kiyosaki ~ Business school for people who like helping people
    • idem ~ Rich dad, poor dad
    • idem ~ The cashflow quadrant
    • Kevin Kelly ~ New rules for the new economy
    • Guy Kawasaki ~ Rules for revolutionaries
    • Stephen R. Covey ~ The 8th Habit
    • Suze Orman ~ The nine steps to financial freedom
    • Bruce E. Johnson ~ Forgotten Founders;
      How the First Nations of the Native Americans inspired the founding of the American democracy with their Circle of Democracy, The Wheel of Wholeness.

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      Earth wisdom/organic science

    • Peter M. Ray ~ The living plant
    • Tompkins & Bird ~ The secret life of plants
    • Al Gore ~ Earth in the Balance
    • Lynne McTaggart ~ The Field
    • Hiroshi Motoyama ~ On chakra's and Vibrational healing (1972) California Inst. for Human Science
    • Masaru Emoto ~ Messages of water (2001)
    • Fritjof Capra ~ Tao of Physics
    • Itzhak Bentov ~ Stalking the wild pendulum (on the mechanics of consciousness) (1977)
    • Callum Coats ~ Living energies on Viktor Schauberger
    • Ralph Metzner ~ Maps of consciousness
    • Hazrat Inayat Khan ~ 20 books on the World of Universal Sufism
    • Dr. H.J. Witteveen ~ Tot de ene (De weg van het Universeel Soefisme)
    • Barbara A. Brennan ~ Hands of Light
    • Patanjali ~ Yoga Sutra's
    • Gopi Krishna ~ the awakening of the Kundalini
    • Torkom Saraydarian ~ the psyche and psychism
    • The Fifth Dimension (The Rainbow Bridge) ~ Vera Stanley Alder (1970)
    • Nommo (Der wiederkehrende Sonnenmensch) (1981) ~ Gisela von Frankenberg
    • Damanhur ~ Jeff Merrifield
    • L.S. Sieden ~ Buckminster Fuller's Universe
    • Bob Frissell ~ Nothing in this book is true, but it's exactly how things are
    • Nulpunt Revolutie ~ Benjamin Adamah
    • Richard Bartlett ~ Matrix Energetics
    • Richard Gordon ~ Quantum Touch
    • Gregg Braden ~ Awakening to Zero Point
    • Jude Currivan ~ The Wave: A life changing journey into the heart and mind of the cosmos
      Kosmos in beweging
    • Idem ~ the 8th Chacra

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      Shamanic and other wisdom traditions

    • Miguel Ruiz ~ The four agreements (insights and tools to transform our ignorance)
    • John G. Neihardt ~ Black Elk speaks
    • Frank Waters ~ The Hopi's
    • Dan Millman ~ The way of the Peaceful warrior and all his other books
    • Denise 'Whitefeather' Linn ~ a.o. Secrets and mysteries; Soul coaching
    • Andrew Harvey ~ The Direct Path
    • Tom Brown books ~ Teachings of Gran'father Stalking Wolf
    • Hyemeyohsts Storm ~ Seven Arrows (Medicine Wheels), Lightningbolt (Maya teachings)
    • Thunder Strikes & Jan Orsi ~ Song of the Deer (The Great Sundance Journey of the Soul)
    • Ohky Simine Forest ~ Dreaming the Council Ways
      (True native teachings from the Red Lodge a.o. about the Medicine Wheels from the past and the future)
    • Margit Bohdalek ~ Le Chamanisme, sagesse naturelle; Von Ahnen zum Shamanen (Workbook on Medicine Wheels)
    • Marie-Lu Lörler ~ Shamanic healing within the Medicine wheel
    • Merilyn Tunneshende ~ Rainbow Serpent
    • Lujan Matus ~ The art of stalking paralell perception
    • Lynn Andrews ~ a.o. Medicine Woman; Crystle Woman, Jaguar woman; Star Woman; Windhorse woman; Love & Power & many more (Great insights of the indiginious people all over the world)
    • John Mann & Lar Short ~ The body of light
    • Theo Gimbel ~ Healing through colour, form and sound (Essenes) 1978
    • Dalai Lama ~ Dzogchen
    • Lopon Tenzin Namdak Yungdrun Bön website & Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche The Ligmincha Institute
      ~ a.o. The Twenty-One Nails (Bön, Dzogchen, Tibetan Shamanism)
    • Pema Chödron ~ Tonglen (Het pad van transformatie)
    • Alla Selawry ~ Filokalia "Het innerlijk gebed"
    • and Sun Bear, Lame Dear, Bear Heart, Jamie Sams, David Carson, Thunder Strikes, O'Shinnah Fastwolf (Crystle Woman), Shakmah Winddrum, Sobonfu & Malidoma Patrice Some, Credo Mutwa, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Chogyal Rinpoche etc etc
    • Bön Po; Dzogchen; Inca; Maya, Dervish, Sufi, Essenes (sound & colour), Qabalah, Agni Yoga, Tao, Edda, Kalevala, Druidry, Tuva, Sami, Huna's....

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      Most beautiful view on the world of the nagual

    • Hyemeyohsts Storm ~ Song of Heyoehkah
    • Merilyn Tunneshende (trained by Don Juan Matus) ~ A nagual woman's journey of healing
    • Martin Prechtel ~ Secrets of the talking Jaguar


    • Christiane Beerlandt ~ De sleutel tot Zelf-Bevrijding/The key to Self-Liberation
    • Sarasvati ~ Wetenschap van de Ziel/Science of Soul
    • Haridas Chaudhuri ~ Integral Yoga
    • Dr. Joseph Mercola ~ Sweet deception  his website
    • Barbara Simonsohn ~ Gerstengrassaft (Het groene wonder)
    • Michaelle Small Wright ~ Co-creative science ( for today's health & environment)
    • books on Chi Kung, Accupuncture, Shiatsu, Macrobiotics, Reiki....


    • Transformation game (Findhorn community)
    • Leela (Spel der kennis) ~ Harish Johari (fantastiese uitleg van alle levensvlakken/sferen)
    • Medicine Cards ~ Jamie Sams & David Carson(the essential teachings from animals)
    • Sacred Path Cards ~ Jamie Sams (teachings of the native Americans)
    • Mother Peace Cards ~ Vicky Noble

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