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Our body is connected to our Inner Infinite Source containing all the answers and our dna has access to this blueprint and knowledge.
How can we rejuvenate, restore or activate our (DNA) blueprint? By enjoying (a) session(s) of Trinfinity8 and experience for yourself the deep working of this healing device.>

Trinfinity8 Revitalisation Programmes
Trinfinity8 is for those who want to transform their world and take it beyond the ordinary into the realm of well-being and positive vibrational change. For that purpose, Trinifinity8 addresses a wide variety of choices in relation to the signs of aging. No matter what your age, sex, or body type is, Trinfinity8 offers something for everyone:

Trinfinity8 assists in restoring emotional and physical well-being, creating confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of peace and happiness within.  In addition you may experience from a sense of relaxation and deep restful sleep.
(11 programmes)

Trinfinity8 helps balance energy centers, auric fields, and alignment with renewed vibrational power and inner strength. One may experience increased energy and creative inspiration.
(9 programmes)

Trinfinity8 stimulates the body’s repairative process which helps prevent the signs of aging, while replenishing it with ‘algorithmic nutrients’ that help cleanse and opens up the pathways to purify the soul. One may report looking and feeling more youthful.
(10 programmes)

Trinfinity8 helps send healthy messages to the skin and hair for vital beauty, lustre and restoration bringing about an inner glow of radiant skin and beautifying the scalp and hair.
(7 programmes)

Trinfinity8 helps prevent the signs and appearance of premature ageing giving a youthful appearance and glow to the face. Algorithms work to stimulate tightening and toning bringing about a vitalised complexion.  Skin complexion and appearance may benefit from this application.
(13 programmes)

Trinfinity8’s body sculpting option allows one to direct algorithms to areas of the body for shaping, smoothing and toning that create a glowing appearance.
(11 programmes)

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How Trinfinity8 Works
Trinfinity8’s special Algorithmic Revitalisation & Beauty Technology allows for streams of coded data signals to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. A digital translator then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held double-terminated quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. They can be used as a point probe on any part of the body for specific areas of need.

The Trinfinity8 Bio-Energetic System is designed to revitalise a wide range of levels and functions, from the physical to the psychological (mental/emotional) to the spiritual, all through your system to its higher potential.
  This is done using the following technology: Fractal Amplification Resonator

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Trinfinity8 uses a unique fractal resonator that displays a gallery of beautiful geometric and vortex animations during different programmes. (A fractal is a geometric shape that can be split into billions of parts, each of which contains an exact copy of the whole.)  This fractal resonator amplifies the energetic and mathematical codes for the most powerful revitalisation infusion that have been digitally imbedded into Trinfinity8 to maximise the desired response. Quantum physicists are discovering that enlightenment is the charge you attract when your thought patterns get fractal. The Science of Fractal allows phase conjugation and a unified field for waves or people. Holy men call this ONENESS. Trinfinity8 technology allows fractal fields to bond and become one with the revitalisation formulas encoded within the therapy. This serves to strengthen the benefits to the user.

Pure Solfeggio Frequency Tones
Trinfinity8 also incorporates pure Solfeggio frequency tones to enhance the feeling of well-being and transformation. These pure sacred tones have been used since ancient times to awaken a natural expansion of consciousness in order to bring about transformation. In Trinfinity8, the tones act as a carrier wave to further open the way and strengthen the transmission of digital data to the cellular system. This helps bring about a faster reprogramming of the body and the desired positive change. Trinfinity8 users have a choice of several other music selections developed to awaken, energise, and maximise their revitalisation experience.

Mathematical Binary Substance Coding
Trinfinity8 technology uses the speed of your computer processor to transmit mathematical sequencing codes to the body, much like your DNA. These billions of binary codes contain the higher frequencies of all revitalising substances.

Sacred Geometry Infusion
Ancient mathematical formulas that encompass all of nature have beeninterwoven into the matrix of Trinfinity8.

Rapid Quartz Crystal Transmission
Hand-held pure quartz crystal transmitter rods deliver the primary revitalisation algorithmic binary codes into the body by transmitting the healing codes through the nerves in the palms, meridians at the fingertips and minor chakras of your hands, flooding your system with streams of revitalising information. The double-terminated rods are the primary source of transmission and the stream is strongest at the tips of the rods.

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A treatment with the T8 will be minimally 30 minutes for an effect. You can mail me at:

If you want your own device it can be ordered through me as I am an affiliate to this company.


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More information can be gathered at the mothercompany: Trinfinity8


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