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October/November/December updates: The Plasma Science technology of the KESHE FOUNDATION. finally came into the mainstream news and with which we/ the world entered a new era. The Keshe Foundation and KF Space Ship Institute bring out enormous solutions; and all over the world people followed his teaching through facebook, zoom, livestream etc. and making these new and free energy devices, health pens and patches for Peace and abundance for all. We also jumped into this flow and made a special website called the PLASMA LOVE WAVE.

As we stated in former years, we follow the (alternative) news from all perspectives as much as possible, through the eyes of Benjamin Fulford who represent the White Dragon Family, Veterans Today (ex Veterans sight), the Space politics through Cobra, David Wilcock (Gaiam tv) and Corey Goode (representing the Sphere Being Alliance) and many other sources. There are so many updates daily, so we decided to follow these sights through our facebook pages.   The KM is almost defeated, people are starting to see through the falseflags and freeing themselves from the slavery system put upon us through malevolent aliens thanks to the benevolent "starpeople" and awake leaders and governments.

March update: Disclosure of our world is moving so fast and as such hard to follow, discernment is very much needed here. Especially with the presence of the Sphere Being Alliance. the whole galactic game and worldview has changed and a whole different initiation into Life and Being comes online :) . We move from a 3D consciousness to a 4D/5D and even higher dimensional consciousness. The poles have shifted psychicallly for sure, wish you a discerning journey and surely we will enter a beautiful golden age spiritually after all the disclosures settle down and we have digested our reality. A shaman said: "We cannot assume responsibility for ourselves if we cannot see reality as it truly is." We daily report this on our personal facebook pages.

"May we walk in Beauty" as the indians of Turtle Island (native americans) would say.

February update. Well Veterans Today said it all today, it is all in there, our amazing hidden world disclosed, listen here World disclosure. Wow!! Keep breathing or put on a Ho'oponopono tape (Kahuna Hawaiian forgiveness).

Cobra's resistance movement is making great progress in liberating the Earth together with the inner earth people of Agartha and the benevolent ET aliences. See for daily updates his website. 2012 Portal blogspot on 2015. Also follow Benjamin Fulford's update and David Wilcock if you want to be informed from different sides.

January started great with Veterans Today daily updates and then the Charlie Hebdo false flag in Paris. Unfortunately so many fell into this Zionist trap to get the world panicked. You should see this footage about these shootingshere with veteran Gordon Duff on Paris false flag.
Why do they make these false flags happen, it is to create war and heavock so we will not be able to reach our spiritual goals and soul purpose. Also to get the world against Israel and the Jews, so they can destroy this people as the Zionist are no Jews but a Kazarian race who were converted to Jewism. They also started wars all over the earth and set people against each other. It is now proven they started the world wars and sponsored Hitler, they started Bolshevism, communism, even Mao was sponsored by them. They consist of some families of which the most famous are the bankers family Rothschild and Rockefeller, even the Bushes (real name Schiff) belong to this group. Are they under the Vatican Jesuit or is it the other way round? We will soon know. We have also found out that the Ukraïne was a Zionist move too.

The Republique of Kanata had proclaimed its sovereignty. The Common Law Courts won their case  and the mountees were put in prison,  thanks to Kevin Annett's perseverance.

Then the BRICS countries with their new currency is a big change, about 190 countries joined among others China, Russia, India, Brazil, S.Africa. Greece joined and left the EU. Good for them and a clever move. Will the Netherlands have the guts to do so and get out of the grip of Zio- Israel?
We follow Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock to get things from different perspectives.

Cobra's liberation movement going fastly forward in preparation of The Event.

Latest David Wilcock 27-1-2015 confirms what Preston James has been sharing all along from his VT perspective in his Secret Space War'' articles. The GREAT thing however is that the advances made seem to be ENORMOUS. A lot of info has surfaced on what was kept from us. Nasa is finally sharing more.. maybe the 'Lies NASA told' documentary was helpful here :) If you haven't watched  at least a part of what is almost completely unintelligible for us, please do! It only proves HOW MUCH is going on in Space!!Thanks to Cobra for being the spokesperson for the RM (Resistence Movement : Starfamily and Inner Earth) we understand some of what is going on in this GIGA LIBERATION process that does not only concern Earth, but a whole corner of our Galaxy. Many of the channelings from Star Family did make sense. With high intel from guys in the Military on the Space War as well as the Inside information from Sheldan Nidle, David Wilcock a bridge is being made in the perception of many people between what was considered 'hard facts'and the more energetically perceived realities. Alfred Lambremont Webre also did a lot to promote understanding of intergalactics and inter-dimensional contact. Him turning against Kevin Annett in a vicious way has made him lose a huge part of his following. He may have been 'forced'  to do it, but it was character suicide nevertheless. Bradly Loves'articles are well worth some study..

A great tool to balance our Inner Infinite Source  (e.g. dna restoration), see Inner8Source,

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