On the brink of 2015 great update from Veterans Today on Kauilapele's blog
with this we wish you a Great and Happy New Earth Soul Year 4 ALL.
We have mostly been on our Facebook pages this past year of 2014, we will see what we do in 2015.

2014 The year of the change for humanity, the shiftfrequency and many other free energy devices will come out. Inform yourself, vibrate up your energy and take up your Universal Value.
Presentatie O.P.P.T. 22/12/2013. Portal blogspot van 12 maart

This interview with Michael El Legion by Alexandra Meadors on March 12 is a great update and actually an  abbreviation of all the past happenings. All topics are addressed, a great support if you want to remember WHY and WHO you are here on our planet Earth in this day and age. Enjoy!! Welcome to the Awakening. ~

This is a GREAT interview with Keshe, clear and allround about his Spaceship Institute and the latest technologies. Over three million people listened to this Mike Harris show interviewing MT Keshe that took place on March 14, 2014.

The greatest and latest news (April 26) from the ITCCS is the interview with Kevin Annett by Alfred Webre on Kevin's Easter proclamation on abolishing the Catholic Church and Joshua J.D. Lemmens contribution.

Rosa Koire is author of "Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21."
This video is about UN Agenda 21 What is Agenda 21? Where did it come from? Who is behind it and what's their real agenda (the one behind the unicorns and rainbows facade)? How is Agenda 21 actually being implemented.

Update in dutch about the UCC, the I-UV/OPPT what it is about, how enslavement through the bankingsystem was introduced and how we can respond to this OPPT Nederland

The latest updates on The Event through Cobra you will find on this website The Event 2014

The occurances and solutions in 2013 move so fast... underneath are only a few of the biggest solutions which will change the future rapidly, so prepare for change... open your mind, heart and soul.
The Keshe Foundation, their space program and solutions for the Earth is an amazing leap forward as well as Inelia Benz i-webtrainings on Ascension and our Soul awareness Ascension 101.com
The OPPT group awakened our understanding of the banking system and as such our economy and political manufacturing by a cabal (elitist families who through their Central Banking system hold us in slavery), reformed this drastically. You can read all about this on their website I-UV.com,
We, the people have to understand that we are a sovereign human being and our destiny is to become a Soul Expression Society. As you have red in the 2012 News with the example of the Schetinin School and so are many others in the world.

The Future is Now! see the Keshe Foundation Space program and the interview with Mehran Keshe by Alfred Webre.
And more video's on his own website as the video's on YouTube don't open (?!), see here the link to the media site of the Keshe Foundation (keshefoundation.org).

Our latest posts you can find on our facebook pages nowadays:
Anke van Ziel, Raven Dreamdancer, Whole Earth TV.or Raven Dreamdancer's website on soul integration and coaching.

This website shows a tool for ascension but hacked, interesting. Who is afraid for change and growth?
We have made a page of it now, here is the link: Inner8Source,
Inner Infinite Source

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