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Ascension is now!
updated December 2012

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Astrotheology, interesting how Santos Bonacci explains how ancient Theology was birthed out of Astrology and how religions used this information in their bibles. Esoteric students knew most of this already but not in such detail. Anyway now is the time that esoteric teachings are shared and put in the open as everybody has to get the opportunity to vibrate up for Ascension.

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Thrive, living abundant lives.

To be able to make the step to ascension it is necessary to KNOW YOURSELF which is connected to the knowledge of your world, your planet, your history and the movie THRIVE gives you an immediate update of our planets' history. As the vibrational field of the Earth and us humans is already rising by our true SOUL~intent and ever more, the Ascension is just another step in becoming a memeber of the Galactic Federation of the Universes.
We need to know these facts, not to go into panic, go and reach your soulpurpose do exercises as e.g. Chi Kung, yoga (choose which one is the best for you), breathing exercises, Aikido etc etc.
Next step go into forgiveness and compassion, as you know "If you were given these powers" what would you have done, would you have been strong enough to stay "in service to the planet" and not go for ego-reasons?
Also know that the ZEROpoint energies or FREE energies are already available and only need to be applied and not for commercial business.

Unfortunately the free movie has been removed, here a compilation of the THRIVE movie it still gives you a good review. You can see the movie at full length at www.thrivemovement.com but you have to update your browser, hmmm(?!)

David Wilcock gives in this video some exercises to help you move into higher vibrations.

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Ascension is now!
Re-member and reconnect.

What is ascension also called upliftment or the spiritual transformation of earth and humankind.
On Wiki-leaks New Age ascension is explained as follows ascension.
Steve Beckow on ascension and the mechanics of ascension.

This beautiful and simple explanation of ascension Ayako Sakino calls this Vision for a New Earth, the Hopi's calls it the 5th World.

Also a great contribution on this subject is Inelia Benz her website www.ascension101.com and her interview with Bill Ryan on project Camelot about her life preparations to help ascension.

Some of us will surely remember this path.
In 1981 I was given the book "Die Wiederkehr der Sonnenmensch Nommo" by my Chi Kung master to study, while attending a 10 days workshop on the "New Human". As they (teachers and healers) were assisting me (Raven) on understanding my kundalini experience some months before. Essene initiations teachings were given, how to work with crystals and energies (sound, colour and its vibrations) etc.
It was for sure a feeling of remembering and coming home.

In the following Mr. Morya talks about transmutation and ascension, an ever so old and wise master.

Here a great tool for healing, balancing your body, rejuvenation and restoring your DNA, a tool for ascension:

Inner Infinite Source

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Everywhere in the world the disclosure is happening. Military officials, astronauts and congressmen are sharing experiences they had with our amazing star family to the public. Even newssites from Mexico to Russia are publishing these contacts and the wisdom and technologies they bring to humanity to help us reach the 5th dimensional realm.

This video of Dr. Steven M. Greer Director of the Disclosure Project will update you of the true reality of our world and the universes and the galactic federation. Let's open up our mind and learn the laws of the universes and become a galactic human.

The most famous site in Holland is the www.niburu.nl webiste, which gives the latest updates on ufo's. and many other things like Monsanto & Bill Gates, the Bilderberg's etc.
A.J. Gevaerd describes Brazils open UFO reporting process on Steve Beckow's website. And on UFO TV disclosure in South America and faq on ufo's.

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See and share this great video of Wayseersmanifesto.com and become a wayshower.

Promising update from Benjamin Fulford on Japan.

Hmmm interesting the video has been removed, so this must have been very true info.

More elaborate version on the background of the not so natural Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Let us pray for love, light and transformation.
Hmmm interesting also this video has been removed.

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2012 News

Also see our latest posts on facebook: Anke van Ziel, Raven Dreamdancer or Whole Earth TV.

And here is another possible  Future, this guy Pranav Mistry is amazing.

Here a possible future with all kinds of solutions for space as well as earth the Keshe Foundation

Die Schetinin Schule, the childrens' University.
How children in Russia teach each other in a couple of years through University.
Inspired by the books of Anastasia (Philip Megre).

Here some simple solutions.
How to build an ecodome most simply and other cheap and natural housing solutions.
"Earth turns to gold in the hand of the wise." ~ Rumi

And here to build simple lamps.

And here to build simple stoves.

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SALUSA on Ascension: January 11, 2012:

“Dear Ones bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year you have an open mind. As it progresses so greater truths will come out, and depending on the source you will be wise to carefully consider what is being given. Certainly the final decision is up to you alone and no on else can take responsibility, but this is a time to be honest with yourself and follow your hearts prompting. As your consciousness levels increase, so you will be able to discern the truth more easily, and slowly build up your understanding. You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension. Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path.

Much activity still takes place and we have every expectation of a major breakthrough very soon. We are helped quite considerably by those of you who are not just standing up for the truth, but getting out and about to spread it far and wide. It has the affect of changing the energies to a much higher vibration, and along with other efforts to bring more Light to Earth is helping transmute the lower energies. We could force the changes but that is not the way we work and it is best that we do so together, as it is important that you create your own pace of progress. There are of course matters that are directly our own responsibility, and we are absolutely on course as planned. Have no fears whatsoever, as the Galactic Federation is a formidable player in the game that is being played. Victory is already ours and that also means that you your path to Ascension has been cleared, and nothing can prevent a grand completion that shall be celebrated throughout the Universe.”

Etc, etc. read more on http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/mike11-01-12.html SaLusa

Other sources of information are ~ do use your intuition and discernment though ~ David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Steve Beckow, Lisa Harrison, Cosmic Vision News and Joffrey West.

  • Kauilapele gives an overview and updates on almost all ascension processes.
  • On Galactic Channelings Mike Quinsey and Sheldan Nidle.
  • Cobra with Portal 2012.
  • Teachings on Ascension 101 by Inelia Benz and her own site. Inelia Benz

  • You can also follow Anke van Ziel or whole Earth TV on facebook.

    And the most simple explanation of Ascension by Ayako Sakino "Vision for a New Earth" part I.

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    The Fifth World
    "In ancient times seers foresaw the current global transition coming, and they wrote about it with respect and great anticipation. In every culture the prophecies of the Great Change can be found, differing only in terminology. Some called it the End Times, others the Apocalypse. Christians expect the Second Coming of Christ, the Jews the coming of the Messiah, and others the advent of the Buddhist Maitreya.

    To us it is the transition to what the ancient Hopis called The Fifth World, the beginning of a better way of life on Earth in which people will live in harmony with Nature, the Cosmos and each other.The ancients say that we will be ushered into the Fifth World by the return of the Star Nations, our kinfolk and guardians from far places, who were here before we were and who will soon accompany us into this better way to live."

    The Shift of Ages, the initiation of the Western world through Mayan, Inca & Hopi teachings an overview and history of this knowledge explained by e.g. Gregg Braden.

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